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After completing my MFA (2017) I took off travelling for a year. There were a few spots I wanted to visit including the Galapagos Islands and Mexico but beyond that I went with the flow, completely letting fate take me on a journey. 


This is how I ended up in Minca a small town in the mountains of the Sierra Nervada, Colombia. To me, Minca was a magical place not just because of its breath taking landscape and unique geography but also the rich indigenous culture that was present in this part of Colombia.


Over the period of 3 weeks I completed a mural at an organic farm that also had several traditional mud huts for accommodation. The incorporated imagery was inspired by the environment and my travels so far, as well as the rich indigenous culture of the Sierra Nevada. 


Indigenous cultures have always fascinated me with their different understandings and connections to the land. Through lines and geometric shapes I portrayed my understanding of the symbiotic relationship the people have with the land, animals, their perception of time and one another. 

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