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Rebecca Neeley is an artist working in printmaking, painting and performance art. Her art practice weaves observations of modern culture with autobiographical experience. Neeley creates artworks that capture transient moments in musical encounters, reminding us of our ability to truly ‘feel’ and ‘be’ in our fast-paced world.


After being selected for an Internship in 2015 at the remote Titjikala Aboriginal Art Centre (Northern Territory) Neeleys' practice transformed from an environmentally driven position to a more introspective questioning of the experienced moment.


Her MFA body of work No Man's Land: An Understanding of Truce (2017) expands on that idea of the fleeting ‘presence’ and embodiment, specifically the loss of one’s self in music. A pivotal breakthrough into a new self-performed video work became the core means of expression.

Neeley's current Project, 'The Way I See It' - Music and the Imagined Persona (2022/2023) examines a new encounter with music. The project explores the role imagination plays whilst experiencing music. The project has an ongoing research component where interviews are being collected from different people worldwide to get a cross-cultural examination of the subject. The project was exhibited at Solaura Studios Berlin in August 2023.


Other significant achievements included in 2016 Neeley both curated and exhibited in 'Ngapartji Ngapartji (I give you something you give me something)' at Stirrup Gallery, Sydney, a collaborative project with artists from the Titjikala Aboriginal Art Centre. Co-curator and artist in, 'Late Night Express' – a cross-discipline project including live art, music, painting, installation and printmaking – presented at Gallery 371 and The Newsagency live music venue Enmore, Sydney (2017). 


Neeley was a Finalist for the Lloyd Rees Memorial Youth Art Award in 2017 and has exhibited strongly for her early career in group exhibitions. She graduated in 2017 from the National Art School, Sydney, with a Master of Fine Arts in printmaking, and her Bachelor of Fine Art in 2014.


'The Way I See It' - Music and The Imagined Persona, Solaura Studio, Berlin. (2023)

'Holding The LIne' - Creative Resistance From Ukraine, (Curatorial team) (2022)

'Now We Are Free', BAR UMU (2019)

Post Graduate Exhibition, National Art School Sydney (2017)

Lloyd Rees Memorial Youth Art Award (2017)

‘Late Night Express’ Gallery 371 Enmore (2017) (curator - artist)

‘Ngapartji Ngapartji’ - Stirrup Gallery Addison Road Community centre Marrickville (2016) (curator - Artist)

Undergraduate National Art School Exhibition (2015)

Printmaking and Ceramic Collaboration Stairwell Gallery Show, Darlinghurst (2014)

20x20 Stairwell Gallery Show, Darlinghurst (2014)

Saint Scholastics HSC Art Exhibition (2010)

Internships and residencies:

SomoS Arts, Berlin (2022)

National Art School Newington Armory Printmaking residency (2015)

National Art School Aboriginal Art Centre Internship, Titjikala, (2015)

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